The Christian Low Hanging Fruit Dilemma

 I thought I had written about this a long time ago, but perhaps not. I’d like to coin this term and I am very passionate about it.

 As I look at the efforts of the church, it would seem that a disproportionate amount of effort and time is spent leading the lowest and most downtrodden to Christ. While this is an important demographic, I feel like one demographic that is terribly neglected is middle-class America who lives with good character and work ethic, but is lacking Christ. As with most things in life, we go for the low hanging fruit, those who are out of jobs, out of families, on drugs, married to alcohol, etc. But perhaps the vast majority of the lost are actually good upstanding people who are getting by just fine and are blind to the fact that they need Christ, they need salvation. Who is going after their hearts? Who is pursuing them and wooing them with Jesus’ love?

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