So, after 6 months in FLW, MO with my lovely and not so hard of work at the captain’s career course, I finally took a break from working, outprocessing, procrastinating, and league of legends to have some quiet time and rekindle my relationship with God. I feel like FLW has been the equivalent of a deployment in terms of relationships, specifically mine with God. I have been distracted, distant, and not proactive. I’ve loved God with haste and not with urgency.

            While I was praying and rebonding with God, I feel like he taught me something about human tendencies. There is a mind set, we will call it “The Mindset of Temporality,” that humans will at some point fall into. You get this mindset when you interpret your current outlook on life and come to the conclusion that your current state is temporary and that change will be happening soon without your input. When you get to this point, humans become their least productive and most complacent. You wait for the change. Now in many cases, there really is a change, and this condition is not all that bad, just not really good either, such as in the case of myself where I am PCSing and never had much time here to begin with. My relationship with Christ suffered from it, because everyday is just another floater, waiting for the day we leave so I can “really start up my life again.” In other cases though, people will be in the mindset of temporality with no cause other than their circumstances being unfavorable. They don’t have enough money, or they have a drug problem. They can trick themselves into this mindset and continue on a perpetual course of unproductivity and complacency. This is when it is truly dangerous.

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