Abraham and Jesus

I was randomly day dreaming the other day when something dawned on me. There is definitely significance to the fact that God asked Abraham to sacrifice his only son, and then sacrifice his own son thousands of years later. I kind of always wondered why God cared about Abraham so much. I mean the dude really wasn’t that awesome and he made lots of mistakes haha. But I realized something. God’s test of Abraham was more than the test of a single man, it was a test of all of humanity. When God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, he did it to answer one questions. “Does humanity love me as much as I love them.” God already knew he was going to sacrifice his son for us. What he may not have known, or at least been shown, was whether humanity was willing to make the same sacrifice for him. When Abraham proved we were, God was satisfied, and stopped Abraham from carrying it out. In a way, it’s God telling us that he will never ask us to do the things or to make the sacrifices that he is willing to make for us, but he is glad to see that we will.

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